Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Make Catching Pokemon Easier | In & Out Of Battle Catching

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Make Catching Pokemon Easier | In & Out Of Battle Catching

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Make Catching Pokemon Easier | In & Out Of Battle Catching

Catching Pokemon is even more important in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. You won’t just be throwing Pokeballs in battle anymore. Clever trainers can now capture Pokemon easier without even entering combat — you’ll just need the right tools for the job. Even if a battle is required, there are moves you can use to make catching the trickiest Pokemon easier. In general, Pokemon catching doesn’t require as much careful consideration as previous games. You’ll really only need these tactics to catch the top-tier Legendary Pokemon, or to catch high-level Alpha Pokemon that are way higher level than you.

Here, we’re going to explain how to catch Pokemon outside of battle and in battle. Both have separate tactics — very example, stealth is important when attempting to catch Pokemon in the wild. If you want to improve your chances, you’ll want to sneak up behind them and use the heaviest Pokeball you’ve got. As the game progresses, you’ll have a lot more trouble successfully sneaking behind a Pokemon. There are items you can use that’ll help with that.

Meanwhile, catching Pokemon in battle is basically unchanged. Just like in previous mainline games, you’ll want to grab False Swipe ASAP. There’s more, so check out the full guide below for quick tips.

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How To Catch Pokemon Easier | Outside Of Battle

Later in the game, Pokemon are much more alert. Use Stealth Spray to quietly sneak up on a Pokemon — throw a Berry or any Lure to draw Pokemon attention away from you. While they’re looking away, sneak up behind them and throw the Heaviest / Best Pokeball you can. If you have an Ultraball, that works better than a Heavy Ball.

  • Easy Item Farming: Cobalt Coastlands, Coastlands Camp – Near the Fingers / Haunted area, you’ll find crates all over. Smash these crates to find useful items like Pokeballs and Stealth Spray for free. They’ll respawn every time you leave and fast travel back.

Also, you’ll want to aim for the back of a Pokemon. A surprise Pokeball will have a special chime sound effect and will greatly increase your chances of catching the Pokemon. You can still throw a Pokeball after failing to catch and hit the Pokemon in the back if they’re not away of your presence. After a failure, they’ll usually retreat after a few seconds. If you throw immediately, you’ll get a second chance.

  • Pro-Tip: The best item to use for catching Pokemon outside of battle is the Sticky Glob. You’ll be able to craft these fairly early. Use one on common Pokemon, or 4-5 on Alpha Pokemon. Once a Pokemon is stunned (and they can even be alerted first) you’ll have a higher chance of catching.

How To Catch Pokemon Easier | In Battle

There are two tools you’ll want to make catching Pokemon easier in battle. You’ll need False Swipe and Hypnosis / Sleep. False Swipe is a special move that makes it impossible to KO an enemy Pokemon — you’ll only knock their health down to 1 HP. Hypnosis or other moves like Sleep makes Pokemon easier to catch.

  • The Best Catching Pokemon: The best Pokemon for catching other Pokemon is Gallade. Gallade can learn Hypnosis and False Swipe (Lvl. 23) — you can find Gallade the Alabaster Icelands, Snowpoint Temple.
    • False Swipe can also be purchased at the Move Shop in Jubilife Village. Pretty early! Lots of Pokemon can use False Swipe, including Rowlet and Oshawott.

If you can’t find a Gallade, catch a Kirlia and evolve by using a Dawn Stone on a Male Kirlia. You can find Kirlia in the Shrouded Ruins (Crimson Mirelands) and in the Heart’s Crag or Snowpoint Temple (Alabaster Icelands).

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