Streets of Rage 4 multiplayer mobile update available now

Streets of Rage 4 multiplayer mobile update available now

The fantastic mobile ports of Streets of Rage 4 gets even more brutal with this latest update. After months of release, Streets of Rage 4 multiplayer comes barrelling onto mobile platforms. 

Streets of Rage 4 multiplayer on mobile

Available right now, the long awaited Streets of Rage 4 multiplayer update has finally arrived on mobile. A free update for the classic-style brawler sequel, you can now beat the seven shades out of thugs with a friend. 

Playdigious’ port of Dotemu’s brilliant sequel has been sorely lacking co-op since release. However, this update gives us the version of SOR4 we should’ve always had. Furthermore, there’s some additional goodies. 

Alongside Streets of Rage 4 multiplayer, the update also adds extra content. You’ll now be able to explore Battle Mode, a fighting game mode that debuted in the series’ second game. 

Battle Mode was also an update to the original release. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that the addition took so long to come to mobile. Nevertheless, it’s here now, and it looks fantastic. 

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Is it crossplay? 

Thankfully, Streets of Rage 4 multiplayer isn’t just limited to Android. In fact, if you have a friend who rocks an Apple device, you can still play the multiplayer update together without issue. 

The update is currently rolling out on both Android and iOS. If you have the update installed, you should be able to play multiplayer right now for no additional cost. Are you getting ready to fight? 

If you have yet to pick up Streets of Rage 4 on mobile, there’s currently a sale on! That’s right, the game is currently more than 50% off to celebrate the multiplayer addition. You can pick it up right here

Are you excited to battle with a bro? Tell us what you think about the update in the comments! 

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