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Pokémon GO Dev Diaries Episode 1 Recap: Community Days


Image provided by Niantic.

Image provided by Niantic.

On Oct. 21, Niantic published a video on the official Pokemon GO YouTube channel, marking the beginning of a new web series: Developer Diaries. Here’s what the first episode covered.

In the video, Niantic Director of Global Product Marketing Micheal Steranka took fans behind-the-scenes for one of Pokemon GO’s most exciting events: Community Day. One day is chosen every month, and for six hours straight, a single Pokemon will take over the wild as their encounter rates dramatically skyrocket. Players have a chance here to stock up on a bunch of candies, as well as having a very high chance of finding a shiny for that monster.

Steranka provided fans with insight on how Community Days came about, as well as how a Pokemon is selected for a featured day. 

As a substitute for organized, monthly in-person events, Community Days were a nice alternative that players worldwide could partake in. According to Steranka, it wasn’t logistically possible to constantly set up events in big cities every month, so the fact that these events could be enjoyed anywhere the player wanted meant that they had the freedom to participate with their friends and family.

He also revealed that Community Day dates and Pokemon are being decided months in advance and that the studio is now going to share Community Day dates three months in advance to fans. Only the dates though, not the Pokemon.

Steranka made a quick note regarding why Community Days don’t last all day. Since the event grants 3x Stardust and three-hour Incense timers, the six-hour window was implemented as a way to maintain the game’s balance.

The video ended with a hint of who November’s Community Day will feature, stating that it will be an Electric-type from Sinnoh. Ultimately revealed later in the week, Shinx is who Steranka alluded to.

The next Pokemon GO Community Day, featuring Shinx, is scheduled to begin Nov. 21 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., all times according to the player’s respective time zone.

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