Stardew Valley: How To Cheat With Item IDs On PC & Mobile

Stardew Valley: How To Cheat With Item IDs On PC & Mobile
Stardew Valley: How To Cheat With Item IDs On PC & Mobile

The 1.5 patch added plenty of new features to the already packed world of Stardew Valley, but there’s one thing it did that’s going to annoy console players — it removed the Item IDs cheat! Inputting item IDs is a weird glitch that allows you to spawn items. All you have to do is input the right numbers in any field — your name field, or you animal name field. Naming stuff Item IDs caused items to spawn. That’s a wild glitch.

And unfortunately it’s been completely removed from most versions of Stardew Valley. The only versions that have retained the glitch are PC, Mobile and Mac — and I have no idea why. Normally those versions get patched the fastest. But that also means you can start using the Item IDs cheat! And there are other methods for cheating that are possible on PC. We’re going to go through some of the most useful codes and explain how it all works.

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How To Use The Item Spawn Cheat

The Item ID spawning cheat is extremely simple — by naming your character (or children / animals) an Item ID number in brackets, that item will spawn in your inventory every time the Item ID appears in text. You can name yourself multiple Item IDs to get multiple items at the same time.

  • For example, input the name for the following rewards: [268][645]
    • You’ll get Starfruit and an Iridium Sprinkler.

Make sure there are no spaces between each Item ID. Here’s a few useful Item IDs.

  • [163][166] – Legend Fish + Treasure Chest. Easy 10,000 gold.
  • [434] – Stardrop. Sells for 7,777 gold.
  • [279][373] – Magic Rock Candy + Golden Pumpkin
  • [74] – Prismatic Shard

For a full list of Item IDs, check out this handy fan guide here.

Cheating With Mods

There are limits to the Item ID cheat. You can’t spawn in craftables. To get around this, you can use mods.

The CJB Item Spawner Mod gives you full control over what you want to spawn. It’s easy to use, available in-game, and you don’t have to look up Item IDs. It’s recommended by the community, so give it a shot if you’re looking for items you can’t get through cheats.