The Division 2 Update Adds Resident Evil Apparel, 4K/60 FPS Support for Xbox Series X/S and PS5

New back trophies and patches along with optimization changes are also live.

The Division 2 - Resident Evil

The Division 2’s Title Update 12.1 is out today and brings an unlikely crossover. A new Apparel Event focused on Resident Evil will be available to all players, providing outfits based on iconic characters from the franchise. Leon S. Kennedy, Rebecca Chambers and Jill Valentine are accounted for, among others.

Along with the outfits, there are seven new back trophies and four new patches to obtain. This can be done by completing S.T.A.R.S. Support and S.T.A.R.S. Assault projects with a new one available each day. Xbox Series X/S and PS5 players can also rejoice seeing as the update allows for playing the game at 4K/60 FPS on those platforms.

Other welcome changes include optimization costs being reduced by 75 percent while material crafting recipes for optimization have been reduced by 50 percent. The Reanimated Global Event has also been changed – the green cloud that forms upon killing foes with headshots will now heal players and provide a damage boost. Check out the full update notes here for more details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where gear sets would not correctly display which talents were required to be active for their chest and backpack talents to activate.
  • Fixed issue where Rigger would sometime refresh Tend and Befriend incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where Memento Kill Confirmed drops could come from friendly skills.
  • Fixed an issue where Memento buffs could last beyond death. Which was both grim and ironic.
  • Fixed issue where directives in the LZ could multiply experience earned in the DZ.
  • Fixed and issue where Legendary Black Tusk would not count as “Black Tusk” for objectives in Leagues and Summit Challenges.
  • Removed objectives for the Skill Demotions Summit Challenge which referred to the Firestarter Chem Launcher and the Shrapnel Trap. The objectives were misbehaving and have been put in timeout.
  • Fixed issue where Vanguard and Perfect Vanguard granted their invulnerability to allies.