The Medium Has A New Live-Action Trailer

The Medium Has A New Live-Action Trailer

The Medium was first introduced to the world during the Inside Xbox live stream that happened in May of 2020. From the development studio Bloober Team, we are going to be enduring another psychological horror video game experience where players will be taking the role of a woman that will be going through two different living worlds. Haunted by a child murderer, The Medium will follow a journey to track down and solve the murder case.

This is a big game for Bloober Team as the development studio has made a note in the past on how they required next-generation consoles for this game to work as intended. Likewise, famed composer Akira Yamaoka from the Silent Hill franchise is working on the score for this project.

While the game was set to release in 2020, it ended up getting delayed into January of this year. We’ve been receiving some trailers to further hype up the game while also allowing players to get a bit more insight behind the story premise. We’ve seen some gameplay footage along with enemies that will end up having to face against throughout the campaign. However, today we have a new trailer but this time the studio opted to release a live-action teaser for fans.

You can check out the latest live-action trailer for The Medium in the video embedded above. As for when you’ll get a chance to dive into the game, players can expect Bloober Team to release The Medium on January 28, 2021, exclusively for the PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S platforms.

Source: YouTube