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Twitch Soundtrack is now available via web player

Twitch appears to still be working hard to optimize ways that creators can bring music to their audiences.

Though DMCA problems use to plague streamers, the platform’s creators have gotten better at avoiding issues. Though it might no longer be in the spotlight, a better way to stream content and music is always welcome.

One of Twitch’s solutions to this was the release of their copyright-cleared music streaming service, Soundtrack. While it previously required users to download and run, now it can be accessed via browser.

Users will still need to take measures so that the audio does not make its way into saved VODs on their channels. When using the site, this is the first message users encounter. They are asked whether they’ll be using a virtual multi-track audio setup, or alternatively disable VODs on their channel.

Those that have used Soundtrack will be familiar with the web interface, since it is similar to the app. For those who have yet to try it, it’s a lot like Spotify’s web player.

There is plenty of music available in Soundtrack’s library spanning all kinds of genres. Twitch has also curated playlists with different themes that may be the perfect background music for your streams.

Windows users can now access Soundtrack both the traditional way of downloading the program from Twitch, or via the new web player. For those on Mac, the web player is the only option for now.

If you’re a streamer on Twitch and want music without taking the risk of breaching DMCA, then take advantage of Soundtrack for free today.

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