UNBINARY, the VR hand-painted puzzle adventure, was approved by Quest Store and started the QA process. It will be ready in Early 2022.

Celebrating this milestone, Ludact unveiled a story trailer of UNBINARY and made major updates on Early Access with requested features and new levels.

Today, the Brazilian indie game studio Ludact announced the official approval for release UNBINARY on the Quest Store and a simultaneous launch for Meta Quest and PC VR in Early 2022. Included is the release of “Meet Webby”, a story trailer showing more about the mind of the sarcastic AI and the hand-painted comic book art style. A major update was made today on the Early Access version too.

Meet Webby and check the new story trailer here:

UNBINARY was first released on Steam Early Access in March 2021. Set in an unusual moment in future human history, Webby – a super A.I. – was elected to rule the world but before she starts to reign over mankind the player needs to test her integrity. Through 22 different maps, the player will gradually discover 3 different masks, each with unique abilities and interactions, that will help him overcome the simulations and challenges created by Webby.

“During Early Access on Steam we received an invite to enter on the process for Quest Store, for us it was amazing!”, said Egon Ribeiro of Ludact. “We are excited to show all the environments and puzzles of UNBINARY. We put together the feedback we received on Early Access until now, and we are working hard in the QA process, ready for a full-launch in Early 2022.”

The game is being fully hand-painted and developed in VR using Quill by Smoothstep as the illustration and animation tool. The unique art style can be noticed in the new trailer, Meet Webby, that covers an aspect of the game’s narrative where the player is introduced to the Super A.I. Webby, a continuous presence during his journey.

Key features of UNBINARY’s major Steam Early Access update:
  • Map Update: All maps present in the early access version has been updated with new visual assets, new animations, and tuned adjustments to the puzzle challenges.
  • New Map: A brand new level is now available, expanding early access player experience.
  • New Game Features: Players can now choose between three different forms of movement: Continuous, Blink and Shift, further expanding the immersion during the gameplay. A Load/Save System and an Initial Menu have also been implemented in this new Early Access version.
  • Language Support: UNBINARY can now be enjoyed in six different languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Deutsch.

UNBINARY will have a simultaneous launch at Steam, Quest Store, Rift Store, and Viveport in Early 2022 at the retail price of $14.99. Join the game’s Discord to stay in the loop on the latest developments, follow on Twitter and check out the website.

Find more information here:

About the studio

UNBINARY is developed by Ludact (, a Brazilian veteran game studio founded in 2005 specializing in impactful XR games, with titles published with global organizations as Sesame Workshop, Cartoon Network, UNESCO, and Volkswagen Foundation.

The current mission is to strengthen UNBINARY as our flagship IP, consolidating what we call “critical entertainment”: games that challenge player’s visions of the world while fostering meaningful emotions. Ludact was awarded the highest Brazilian national grant (Ancine Prodav 14/2017) for UNBINARY, allowing development to happen between 2018 and 2022. UNBINARY was awarded by Indie Mega Booth in 2020 and NYX Game Awards in 2021.

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