Which is better to play: Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Counter-Strike Global Offense?

Which is better to play: Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Counter-Strike Global Offense?

It is quite difficult to make a selection from Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Counter-Strike Global Offense because both are massive giants and ruling over the industry of FPS games. Without a doubt, both are offering pure and traditional FPS gameplay that keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun. There’s no other game even close to being a competitor of these games. In this article, we will give you a comparison between these two titles, and leave it on you to decide which one is best to play and worth your time. Before leaving the introduction section, let me make praises both titles that they are offering full HD graphics close to reality and take place in real-world locations. Playing military-themed games are fun, and each one stars you as a soldier.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare vs. Counter Strike Global Offensive

In some aspects, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is better than CS: GO, while some features of CSGO are better than CoD: Modern Warfare. Let’s compare the features of both titles to see which one is the best to play.

Team-based Gameplay

As you might know, both games are offering team-based gameplay. Dominating a match requires you to work with others as a good teammate and share information to take over the map. In short, sharing and collecting information are vital keys to success, in which CS: Go takes a plus number on Call of Duty because it is offering detailed teamwork by introducing bunches of features.


You would be surprised to know that CS: Go takes a massive amount of skills and abilities to offer you a great gaming experience. When playing the game, you can’t use further attachments to decrease the recoil in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. In CS Go you can learn how to deal with recoil your weapon and target the head to kill enemies. Upon not following the said rule, someone will kill you badly within the game.

Better Esports Competition and Competitive System

Seriously, the comparison ends when it comes to the esports competition of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Both are giants and no one can deny the popularity of CSL Go Esports. We can make an idea regarding the popularity of CS that its final match had been broadcasted on TV and broke all records on Twitch.