World of Tanks: Valor Salutes Independence Day with Epic Events


  • World of Tanks: Valor is celebrating Independence Day in the U.S. with numerous patriotic in-game events and rewards
  • • Tankers around the globe will find “The Bold and the Free” Earn Op, which gives players the option to select and earn one of three coveted American tanks simply by playing multiplayer battles
  • World of Tanks: Valor will have additional rewards, limited-time deals on Premium tanks, a huge bonus XP weekend, and even a Garage decorated for the occasion

World of Tanks: Valor is thrilled to commemorate Independence Day with an array of in-game events, rewards, and epic patriotic sales on American steel!

In the past, World of Tanks: Valor players have been able to earn free legendary premium vehicles through in-game missions. To keep the momentum going, Lady Liberty is ready to kick off the celebrations with “The Bold and the Free” in-game Earn Op, which gives players the option to claim one of three coveted American tanks for free! Along the way, you will also receive extra rewards in celebration of the Red, White, and Blue!

Which patriotic powerhouse will you choose after completing this earn op?

World of Tanks: Valor

The Patriot T26E5, a Tier VIII American Heavy Tank. A longtime favorite of the World of Tanks: Valor community, the Patriot T26E5 represents the essence of the American shield. The Patriot T26E5 protects its allies with armor that allows it to push forward, stand tall, and take the hits. In short, the Patriot gets the job done. Add remarkable speed and a gun that tears through enemy’s armor, and you’ve got yourself a high-flying tank that will soar towards victory!

World of Tanks: Valor

The T26E4 Freedom, a Tier VIII American Medium Tank. There’s no other American vehicle like it. It’s powerful; it’s strong; it’s the embodiment of the American spirit. With its strong gun and super-durable front armor, the T26E4 Freedom tank gives you the muscle you need to support your allies on the field. The Freedom tank also offers a solid Concealment rating, which helps you take cover and lure out enemies for a brutal assault.

World of Tanks: Valor

The Vengeance T25, a Tier VIII American Medium Tank. The perfect blend of skill and strength, the Vengeance T25 delivers excellent maneuverability coupled with a gun that is a dream to handle. Its fast-paced attributes make the Vengeance T25 a top tank to seek and destroy the enemy on sight.

World of Tanks: Valor

Complete “The Bold and the Free” Earn Op by earning XP across a series of stages in multiplayer battles between now and July 13th.  Each stage is capped with an XP goal. For every goal you reach, you’ll also earn fantastic rewards, including Silver, XP Boosts, and more!  Extra rewards and a free tank? It’s the American Way.   

The bonuses don’t stop there! World of Tanks: Valor will add to the rewards throughout the Fourth of July weekend by giving all players an astounding x5 XP bonus on their first win with every tank they play. With all that extra XP, all tank Commanders will be able to expand the roster of tanks in their Garage and rise through each nation’s Tech Tree in no time!

World of Tanks: Valor

For veteran Commanders who want to collect and customize every single tank in the game, World of Tanks: Valor will offer deals on additional Premium tanks as well as discounts on customization tools such as Camouflage, Emblems, and Inscriptions! If you wanted to adorn your tanks with Inscriptions and a new paint job, now’s your chance to roll out to battle in style!

Last but certainly not least, hop in the game and check out our celebratory Fourth of July Garage to salute and celebrate this important and historic occasion!

Independence Day is a time to stand together and celebrate bravery in action. We hope you’ll enjoy these awesome in-game events and specials we’ve prepared for you. Be bold on the battlefield, Commander, and roll out!

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