Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s English Voice Cast Gets The Spotlight In Latest Trailer

Like a Voice Actor.

Yakuza Like a Dragon_08

The Yakuza franchise has come a long way in the West. While the games have always been popular in their home country of Japan, in the early days some high profile flops in America made Sega gun shy about porting over the series. When they did, it usually had no English voice acting. But the franchise has built up a fanbase steadily now, and the latest entry in the series, Yakzua: Like a Dragon (which we were big fans of), is coming to multiple different consoles in the west with a full English cast.

A new trailer was released that highlights the cast of the English dub. Probably the most notable actor here is George Takei of Star Trek fame, but if you play video games regularly, you’ll recognize a lot of these voices I imagine. The English dub is a pretty solid effort all around.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC. A PS5 version is set to come in March 2021. If you haven’t tried the game just yet, you can take a look at some of its top features through here.