10 WandaVision Comic Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

To celebrate the final episode of WandaVision, we’ve gone through all nine episodes to find the handful of comic book references that might’ve flown over your head. Here are the 10 WandaVision comic Easter eggs you may have missed.

House of Contempt

One of the first big Easter eggs in WandaVision is hidden in the form of the wine bottle that is on the table during the dinner party with the Harts in episode 1. The label reads Maison du Mepris, which translates to House of Contempt.

This is a reference to the comic series Brian Michael Bendis and Oliver Coipel created, known as the House of M. This comic’s storyline also sees Wanda alter reality after a breakdown, and was likely the main source of inspiration for the show.

Vision’s Tie

Another interesting tidbit that’s pretty easy to miss in episode 1 revolves around vision’s tie. If you look closely, you can see that there’s a strange pattern on the tie he wears on the way to his job.

This pattern is a reference to the recent comic series by Tom King, simply titled Vision.

Directed by Abe Brown

During the credits of WandaVision’s first episode, Wanda’s sitcom says it was directed by Abe Brown.

In the comics, Abe Brown is a character that goes by the name of Black Tiger. While he’s more of an enemy of Peter Parker, it is an interesting reference to see, especially since a character with that same name already exists within the MCU, in the recent Spider-Man movies.

Supermarket Products

In episode 2’s Bewitch-inspired opening, there are two fake ads that directly reference the comics.

The first is for Bova Milk, which is a reference to Bova Ayrshire, a talking cow that serves as Wanda’s mom’s midwife. The other is an Auntie A’s Kitty Litter add, referencing the witch Agatha Harkness.

Struckers 2:42

During the ad in episode 2, keen-eyed viewers will spot that the watch is stopped at a time of 2:42. This is a reference to Avengers No. 242, a comic where Vision is repaired after being deactivated.

The watch name itself, Strucker, is also a reference to the Hydra leader who experimented on the Maximoff twins in the comics and MCU movies, Wolfgang von Strucker.


In episode 4, WandaVision thrusts viewers back into the real world, as we follow Monica Rambeau’s investigations into the Westview anomaly. At one point in the episode, there is a close-up of Monica’s mother, Maria Rambeau.

In this closeup of the former founder of S.W.O.R.D, we see her old Air Force callsign was Photon. Photon is one of the superhero names Monica goes by in the comics.

Avengers No. 103

In episode 4, a close-up and in-color look at Vision’s work shows that the Computational Services Inc. address has 103 in it. This is a reference to Avengers No. 103, where Quicksilver rescues Scarlet Witch from being kidnapped.

Wiccan and Speed

During the Halloween episode of WandaVision, Wanda and Vision dress up to look like their comic counterparts. While this is pretty obvious even to non-die-hard comic fans, you may not have noticed Billy and Tommy also dress like their comic identities.

Tommy looks exactly like Speed, while Billy dons the red cloak and thick headband that belongs to Wiccan in the comics. While it seems like the show went in a different direction regarding the kids, it’s still cool to see a reference to their comic book versions.

Nexus of All Realities

The last commercial of WandaVision comes in episode 7, referencing an antidepressant known as Nexus. The tagline is that it is a “unique antidepressant that works to anchor you back to your reality — or the reality of your choice.”

In the comics, the Nexus of All Realities is a portal that leads to various realities and dimensions.

Chthon, The God Of Chaos Magic

In the final episode of WandaVision, Agatha Harkness says that Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda, is destined to destroy the world as a pawn of Chthon.

In the comics, Chthon, The God Of Chaos Magic, is able to break through the fabric of reality every time Chaos Magic is used. He is a major antagonist for Scarlett Witch throughout the comics.

Image Credit: NewsBytes

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