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“Red Bull Racing Esports sim racers already proved their skills and drive to make it to the top…we aim to further tailor AOC monitors to the needs of sim racers…along with their talents keep pushing their performance to the next level,” – David Ray, Director of Marketing at AOC in North America.

Display specialist and the global leader in gaming monitors AOC expands their partnership with gaming giant Red Bull by supporting their sim racing division, Red Bull Racing Esports.

AOC provides a range of their top-notch monitors to Red Bull Racing Esports drivers to support them in their training. Additionally, Red Bull Racing’s Esports Erena in Milton Keynes, UK, is fully equipped with AOC monitors, such as the curved AOC AGON AG273QCX. Together with Red Bull Racing Esports knowledge, AOC aims to keep expanding their portfolio and produce the best possible displays for sim racers.

AOC has a strong history of working alongside Red Bull, providing support at various tournaments with their highest performance monitors in games such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With the current booming phenomenon of sim racing, AOC is looking forward to covering the next branch in the world of competitive gaming and support Red Bull Racing Esports drivers in maintaining their dominance.

The Fastest Bulls in the World Receive An Upgrade

Red Bull Racing Esports racing line-up features some of the best talents from all over the world. Their drivers won the Team Championship in the F1 Esports Pro Series two years in a row. Star racer Sebastian Job was crowned iRacing World Champion in 2020 by clinching the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup title, whilst the Forza team took home the LeMans Esports title.

AOC is proud to facilitate the racing division and the Team’s official venue to even further accelerate their performance: “Red Bull Racing Esports sim racers already proved their skills and drive to make it to the top. With their feedback, we aim to further tailor AOC monitors to the needs of sim racers, and along with their talents keep pushing their performance to the next level,” says David Ray, Director of Marketing at AOC in North America.

With the Right Equipment Towards the Podium

Monitors are a crucial element in sim racing, having to provide a perfect overview of the racetrack and allowing the user to keep an eye on other drivers. Display screens also provide images at super-fast speed as every millisecond is an advantage in the world of Esports. Each discipline benefits from different displays. Red Bull Racing Esports iRacing team prefers a triple or quad-screen set up, the F1 division needs a single flat screen, and the V10-R drivers favour a single curved widescreen monitor.

Oliver Hughes, Red Bull Racing Chief Marketing Officer, comments: “This new partnership with AOC connects to every aspect of our sim racing programme. In such a highly competitive sport where tenths and hundredths of a second count, a high screen refresh rate and lightening quick response time is critical for our drivers to be at the front of the grid. AOC’s range of high-end monitors are specifically designed for gaming and provide our drivers with the competitive edge. Our new purpose-built Esports training facility at the Red Bull Technology Campus in Milton Keynes is fully kitted out with AOC’s award-winning monitors, providing the Team with equipment that matches our ambitious targets and the high quality facility we have created.”

AOC is ready to overtake the competition and help Red Bull Racing Esport’s sim racing talents to claim their next championship titles.

You can find more information on AOC Gaming’s official site or follow AOC Gaming on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Additionally, you can visit the official homepage of Red Bull, and their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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