‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ hits Steam and Epic Games Store on August 7th

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Horizon Zero Dawn
Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony confirmed a few months back that Horizon Zero Dawn would no longer be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and now we know when it’ll make its way to PC. Guerrilla Games’ hit action RPG will hit the Epic Store and Steam on August 7th.

The PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition includes the Frozen Wilds DLC and a host of visual upgrades for an already-gorgeous game, such as unlocked framerates and support for ultra-wide displays. You can also expect improved reflections and dynamic foliage, along with access to a benchmarking tool and (since it’s a PC title now) a range of graphics options. Guerrilla released a trailer that shows off some of the impressive updates.

PC gamers who haven’t had the chance to try Horizon Zero Dawn will at last get to play what’s widely considered one of the best PS4 titles around. For existing HZD fans, it might be a good excuse to revisit Aloy’s first adventure ahead of the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, which Guerrilla and Sony aim to release on PS5 next year.

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