EG vs 100T Preview and Prediction: Summer 2022 Semi-Finals

EG vs 100T Preview and Prediction: Summer 2022 Semi-Finals

The question of who will go on to face Cloud9 in the LCS Finals will be answered just a day before the Finals themselves. EG vs 100T is a rematch of the 2022 Spring Finals that will surely bring the heat. Both teams have won their first-ever Final in the last two Finals. Only one will have the chance to make that two of three. Here is a deeper dive into the matchup and who should come out on top.

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Top Jng Mid Bot Sup
100T Ssumday Closer Abbedagge FBI huhi
EG Impact Inspired jojopyun Kaori Vulcan

How They Got Here

100 Thieves

After finishing second in the regular season, behind their opponent Evil Geniuses, with a 14-4, 100 Thieves were knocked down to the losers bracket by Cloud9. They have stated in multiple interviews that fans and pundits alike have been underestimating them. This is what is driving them as they are trying to win their second LCS championship.

Along with this 100 Thieves have had their core five together longer than any other team in the LCS. While it may not seem like a long time, all five players and their Head Coach Reapered have been together for three Splits in a row. They were unable to win in Houston, now they have to take this series for a third chance in a row.

Evil Geniuses

The MSI representatives and first-time champions Evil Geniuses picked up where they left off in the Summer. They struggled a bit near the end of the Split but still finished first overall at 15-3. Since then though, it has been challenging for the squad.

They lost 1-3 to Cloud9 and then were able to scrape their way by TSM and Team Liquid. Unfortunately both for himself and the team, to protect his mental health Danny will not be playing during finals weekend. The team will have to find a way to win despite this if they want to repeat as champions.

Players to Watch


It feels like it always comes down Closer. While he has played well, 100T seemingly lives and dies based on his play. Luckily he has been playing pretty well. He will bring out plenty of different champions, he will need all of them. His opponent Inspired just won MVP and will certainly challenge Closer at every turn. If he can find his advantages then he can help turn the tide in 100 Thieves’ future.


This may be a bit of a cop-out but with Danny out, all eyes will be on Kaori. Is he able to play with the confidence that he did down on Academy? There is no doubt that he is a talented player, but that will be challenged for many reasons. He will be the one that 100 Thieves will try to put behind as often as possible. Along with this EG played through Danny and now they will have had little time to work with Kaori. If he can just even be average, EG will have a much better chance.

Final Predictions

If Danny was playing at his best this series might be very different. Kaori will have a tall task ahead of him. Luckily for EG, they have the MVP along with plenty of great players surrounding him. That being said 100T are hungry. They are out to prove that not only should they be in the finals but they should be getting their second title in the last three splits. Look for FBI to try and get ahead while Closer pushes the rest of EG to the brink.

Prediction: 100T Win 3-2

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