New Worlds Map Contest 2: Semi Finals (VOTE NOW!)

New Worlds Map Contest 2: Semi Finals (VOTE NOW!)


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The contest started with 46 submissions from 21 contestants and we are now down to 12 maps! The competition is tough, and it’s about to get tougher! Thank you everyone for your participation, map makers and community!


– We ask everyone to vote (in a comment below) with their top 4 favorite maps in order.
– Exactly 4 votes are needed from each person. Voters with 2 or 3 selections, or not in order, will not be considered.
– Map makers cannot vote on their own map.
– The Dowdall system will be used to rank voting scores.
– The final four maps will be featured in four exciting map test tournaments, each focusing on one map, involving top foreign progamers exclusively casted by usTeam Think Quick & peRemastrTV.
– After the map test tournaments are finished and casted, we will have a final public vote on TL to decide the winner of the final four maps.

Voting ends Feb 17th at 16:00 CET / 23:00 KR.
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[image loading] (2)Access Control + Show Spoiler +

– Author: de Freakling
– Version: 0.81
– Size: 128×120
– Concept: Horizontal axial symmetry 2p map with some slight distortion along the centre line.
Sideways natural layout to bring player’s rally point all the way up to the map’s midline.
Triangle base outside the main/bat to offer expansion choices in both directions (same idea as on Защитная Технология and Dimensionshed).
Tight stair-ramps to the northern high ground strip restrict access to only small units (Like 815-ramps or Blue Storm chokes).
Big plateau in the centre creates another axis for vertical movement on army positioning on the map to incentivize players to become active on the map on the lookout for a positional advantage.
Bottom Geyser positions (nats, triangle bases) have a +1 y-offset now for increased efficiency (particularly benefits Terran)
[image loading]

[image loading] (2)Anthropocene + Show Spoiler +

– Author: us 효진 (CrystalDrag)
– Version: 0.56
– Size: 128×112
– Concept:2p Highly Experimental map. Pathways can be opened by destroying Protoss Temples, and can be sealed by destroying Troy Gates. Over the course of a game this map will slowly transform into an island map, with creep beacons that can be destroyed for Zerg to access nydus canal locations.

Main ramp mineral value = 32
One Mineral at Naturals/Thirds = 744
Geysers at Naturals/Thirds = 4000
Center Expansion = 10 x 2000 M + 2 x 7500 G
All Temples are single.
[image loading]

[image loading] (2)Butter + Show Spoiler +

– Author: kr Hozzi
– Version: 0.87
– Size: 112×128
– Concept: Guerrilla type, Advancing & Hiding building, Mirror-Y. Between start base entrance 35 sec.

[image loading]

[image loading] (3)Cataclysm + Show Spoiler +

– Authors: de Freakling + us Minerals
– Version: 0.81
– Size: 128×128
– Concept:
*This is a map that tells a story. The story of a space station fatally struck by an asteroid, and of the desperate struggle of the survivors.
*The layout is based on Minerals’ and my previous attempts in 3 player maps with island expansions and the theoretical considerations they led me to about the simplest layout for for such a map that would allow equal ground expansion opportunities in either direction.
*Geysers for all ground 3rd bases are reduced to 3k gas.
*Island currently bases have no depleted Mineral Fields or other kind of block, as we figured that in the modern meta Terran wouldn’t actually be able to gain a stable early advantage by floating a CC.
*Combination of sprites and vision blockers between the main and triangle third act as a wall of pseudo-4th terrain level.
*For Terran, Tanks on the ledges of the centre area can act as “artillery support” for drops on the islands – they cannot hit workers, resource depots or geysers directly, but can clear the area in front of them of defensive structures and units. + Show Spoiler [Show example] +

[image loading]

[image loading]

[image loading] (2)Coral Shallows + Show Spoiler +

– Authors: de Freakling & us Minerals
– Version: 0.83
– Size: 128×112
– Concept: Based on Midnight Crossing by sTYle_ZerG & Minerals. This iteration is intended to disincentivise an overly turtle playstyle by forcing players to spread out further and eventually having to extend into the middle areas of the map.
Five separate low ground paths separate the players. Each, except the center path, offering access to a different kind of expansion.
[image loading]

[image loading] (2)Kick Flip + Show Spoiler +

– Author: us Minerals
– Version: 0.95
– Size: 112×128
– Concept: Modern battle map featuring a wide center with double ramps and multiple elevations. Bring a helmet!
[image loading]

[image loading] (2)Lightning Whirlwind + Show Spoiler +

– Author: kr TNWZombie
– Version: 1.32
– Size: 128×128
– Concept: 2p standard map. Large two player map with many areas to fight over and many bridges and ramps to gain a positional advantage. 3/9 o’clock Gas volume is 2000.

[image loading]

[image loading] (2)Reflections + Show Spoiler +

– Author: us 효진 (CrystalDrag)
– Version: 0.60
– Size: 128×96
– Concept: Mirrored 2 player standard map with narrow low ground through the center and two large high ground plateaus.

[image loading]

[image loading] (3)Sand Gate + Show Spoiler +

– Author: us Suricatta
– Version: 0.7.2
– Size: 128×128
– Concept: 3p standard-hybrid map. Standard main/natural and center layout with two semi-island bases and a forward third. The main has a mineral-walled backdoor into the close island. Each patch in the mineral wall has 32 minerals. The other islands are separated by neutral Protoss Temples (not stacked). Neutral creep colonies near the backdoor gas base so that Zerg can wall at the choke.
[image loading]

[image loading] (2)Sea Breeze + Show Spoiler +

– Author: us Suricatta
– Version: 1.0
– Size: 128/112
– Concept: 2 player standard map with three vertical lanes and a path through the center.
[image loading]

[image loading] (3)Sky Bridge + Show Spoiler +

– Author: kr Chariot
– Version: 0.98
– Size: 128×128
– Concept: 3 player standard map featuring low ground main and high ground natural.

[image loading]

[image loading] (3)Treachery + Show Spoiler +

– Author: se HeMsK
– Version: 0.76
– Size: 128×128
– Concept: Comfortable 3 player standard map with options to expand in either direction.
[image loading]


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Poll: What is your favorite tileset?

Jungle (24) 30%

Desert (13)


Twilight (13)


Space (11)


Ice World (8)


Ashworld (6)


Badlands (5)


80 total votes

Your vote: What is your favorite tileset?

(Vote): Space
(Vote): Jungle
(Vote): Desert
(Vote): Badlands
(Vote): Twilight
(Vote): Ice World
(Vote): Ashworld


Sweden112 Posts

1. Butter
2. Skybridge
3. Reflections
4. Treachery

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Some update notes on (2)Access Control (v. 0.81)

  • Changed top corner expansions: Zerg can defend both entrances from a single Lurker position now. Terran can kill the expansion with Siege Tanks on the low ground.
  • Shrank both ramps to the 3rd by one iso
  • Added half gas (3k) to the triangle expos, mostly as a better 4th in TvP.
  • Bottom Geyser positions (nats, triangle bases) have a +1px y-offset now for increased efficiency (particularly benefits Terran).
  • Added some more buffer terrain around the outside nat wall to fix some Tank angles.
  • Tightened main choke by 2 tiles and added a mineral block (1×16m) with a 15px x-offset to further tighten it for easy Zealot blocking.

Poland4513 Posts

1. Kick Flip
2. Sky Bridge
3. Cataclysm
4. Reflections
(5. Butter)

I like Butter better than Reflections (it’s a bit too similar to Kick Flip in its layout), but decided to give Reflections a boost since Butter is already getting traction in ASL. :-)


Korea (South)21 Posts

1. Reflections
2. Kick Flip
3. Sky Bridge
4. Butter

Hello TeamLiquid! ლ(´ڡ`ლ)


United States13 Posts

1. Reflections
2. Sand Gate
3. Sky Bridge
4. Coral Shallows

930 Posts

1. Anthropocene
2. Access Control
3. Sky Bridge
4. Sea Breeze

United States1049 Posts

1. Reflections
2. Sky Bridge
4. Anthropocene
4. Sea Breeze

Canada71 Posts

1. Butter
2. Kick flip
3. Sea Breeze
4. Sand Gate

TLMC#14 11th place,TLMC#15 7th place, Team TLMC3 5x finalist, but most importantly I’m some idiot that makes a lot of maps.


Vietnam1013 Posts

1. (2)Anthropocene
2. (2)Coral Shallows
3. (3)Sand Gate
4. (3)Cataclysm

We have more than 100.000 nicknames in the StarCraft but we have less than 100 people who vote this contest. I’ve never seen any semi professional players or professional players here.

Anyway, we still play, talk, vote this contest… about StarCraft in 2022. Keep up the best game New Worlds Map Contest 2: Semi Finals (VOTE NOW!)


Hungary40 Posts

1. (2)Anthropocene
2. (3)Treachery
3. (2)Reflections
4. (2)Coral Shallows

Poland2661 Posts

1. Sky Bridge
2. Cataclysm
3. Butter
4. Sea Breeze

odi profanum vulgus et arceo


Poland2661 Posts

longest game lasted barely over 10 minutes in that yabsab vs Scan bo5.. how is this supposed to show us how the map plays out, idk.. but thx anyways

odi profanum vulgus et arceo


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(2)Lightning Whirlwind


Leader of the Bulgarian National SCBW/SC2 team and team pSi.SCBW/SC2


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I have no control over length of games :D
Most games on ladder and in general are short, and not long. I think short streamed games still give you an idea of what the map looks like inside the game, and how it can play out in a given race matchup in light of the builds/strategies used. So in those games, you can see mutas, hydras, terran bio and mech play out somewhat.

PS Yabsab actually left thinking Scan won the entire set, but they didn’t finish one last game. There should be an unplayed tie breaker. *** ***

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New Worlds Map Contest 2: Semi Finals (VOTE NOW!)


Bisutopia18171 Posts

1. Sand Gate
2. Sky Bridge
3. Coral Shallows
4. Butter

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Italy429 Posts

1. Butter
2. Reflections
3. Anthropocene
4. Access Control

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1.(2)Lightning Whirlwind
3.(2)Access Control
4.(2)Kick Flip

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