Sony Acquires Bungie The Studio Behind Destiny & Halo

Sony Acquires Bungie The Studio Behind Destiny & Halo

Bungie finds a new home as a Sony first-party studio.

Sony Acquires Bungie The Studio Behind Destiny & Halo
Sony Acquires Bungie The Studio Behind Destiny & Halo

Microsoft has made some massive headlines recently. After the purchase of the Zenimax Media deal came the announcement that Microsoft would be purchasing Activision Blizzard. Today, we’re finding out that Sony is making its own notable purchase with Bungie. The studio that first helped put Microsoft on the map with their Halo IP will soon be a first-party studio for PlayStation.

This news first broke through reputable industry insider Jason Schreier. Jason alerted his followers that he learned that Sony would be purchasing Bungie who is now known for its Destiny IP. This might not be as massive as the Activision Blizzard purchase Microsoft just unveiled. However, it’s still a very impressive pick up for Sony, and this very well could be the start of a big acquisition war.

In a press release that went out shortly after the announcement by Jason, Bungie CEO and chairman Pete Parsons stated the following.

“In SIE, we have found a partner that fully supports us and wants to accelerate our vision of creating meaningful entertainment experiences that span generations, all while valuing the creative independence that is the heartbeat of Bungie.”

There was quite a bit of speculation about who Sony would be picking up. Microsoft made two enormous purchases, so naturally, attention turned towards its competitor. For now, this Bungie deal is currently in the works. Much like the recent Activision Blizzard deal, this will first have to be finalized and go through the regulatory approvals, so the actual purchase might not be completed until next year.

Now, the real question is just what company might be the next big acquisition. If this is a war for acquisitions, Sony might turn around and try gunning for another massive company to compete with Microsoft. But, of course, that’s just speculation on our part.



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