[TSL 8] Bracket, Contests, & New Sponsor

Hello, everyone! Shopify (Wiki)TSL 8 has successfully wrapped up all nine qualifiers, with 31 accomplished players joining our incumbent champion, (Wiki)Trap, in the main event.We have many updates for you, including TSL’s bracket, EPT point distribution, and talent. Additionally, our sponsors created some exciting features just for the event, including a new sponsor we’ll be introducing here!


The bracket uses the EPT points following DreamHack Season Finals, excluding incomplete tournaments (GSL, KoB, NeXT). For players who have points in more than one region, they were seeded by their highest-scoring region. As a reminder, TSL 8 is a 32 player double-elimination bracket. The preview of the upper bracket is below, please click the image to be redirected to the full bracket:

TSL 8 Bracket

The full schedule will be on (Wiki)Liquipedia, with minor match schedule adjustments to accommodate the player’s schedules.

EPT Points

Total 1290
1 (Winner) 275
2 (Finalist) 200
3 135
4 110
5-6 80
7-8 55
9-12 35
13-16 20
17-24 10
25-32 0


We brought back our fantastic TSL 7 commentators: (Wiki)Rotterdam, (Wiki)ZombieGrub, and (Wiki)Wardi. We are also adding two more commentators into the fold- (Wiki)Steadfast and (Wiki)feardragon! (Wiki)Igor “Indy” Kaczmarek is also returning as our observer for the event. Please be sure to give all our amazing talent lots of support!

Sponsor Features & Contests

Title sponsor Shopify is bringing the bells and whistles! Returning to TSL 8 is the in-game mod Observer Plus, which features the detailed battle report. In addition, fans will have another opportunity to prove they are better than TLO with Shopify’s True or False. We’ve also noticed everyone is quite into our Monster Truck theme this year. With Shopify’s sponsorship, we are delighted to announce TSL merchandise! Keep your eyes peeled during the event for our merch announcement!

IMC is shaking things around this time! Instead of awarding the fastest game, IMC will be offering a $1,000 reward to the player with the most cost-efficient army. IMC is all about analyzing the data to determine the most likely outcomes, so they’re also holding a bracket contest! The person who can predict the results the most accurately and fastest will be awarded $1,000. Fans can use Liquipedia to draft their brackets by following this link to our handy how-to guide. Participants have until the tournament begins to submit their drafts.

Secretlab’s The Hot Seat is back! The community can submit their questions via the community thread or tweet them @TLnet. If your question is selected, we’ll enter you into a raffle to win your very own Secretlab chair once TSL 8 ends!

Introducing: Coinbase

We are also very excited to announce a new sponsor for TSL – Coinbase! The global cryptocurrency platform is no stranger to the StarCraft 2 scene, as they are also the official partners of the ESL Pro Tour. Coinbase has graciously extended its support to TSL and will sponsor TSL’s downtime content. We can’t wait for all the great things Coinbase and TSL will make together!

TSL has received such overwhelming support from all our sponsors, so please be sure to thank them all: Sifolyy, Twitch, Secretlab, IMC, Coinbase, and Shopify! We can’t wait to see everyone at the main event starting November 26th on TLnet’s Twitch channel!

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