When is Factorio Coming to Nintendo Switch?

When is Factorio Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Factorio was announced to be released to Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Direct September 2022 live stream. Here is everything you need to know about when Factorio will be available to play on Nintendo Switch.

Factorio is a construction and management simulator is currently available on PC via Steam. Nintendo announced that Factorio will be launching on the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 28, 2022.

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Developers have kept the Factorio project a secret for the past one and a half years while they were working on it and the game is in its final stages before the official launch in October. Factorio was developed for 10 years with only a keyboard and mouse in mind, so there are minor changes to the game to make it playable with controllers.

Here is what to expect for the Nintendo Switch version of Factorio:

Developers stated that the performance of Factorio on the Switch should expect to be 30 to 60 FPS in TV and handheld modes. Developers also shared that the controller version is playable, but a little slower than the PC mode.

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