Riders Republic Has Been Delayed

Riders Republic Has Been Delayed

2020 is a year that brought in a lot of changes to our daily lives. Thanks to the worldwide health pandemic known as the coronavirus, most of us were trapped indoors and practicing our social distancing from others. As we attempted our best to avoid spreading this virus around with others, several events and conventions were canceled. Included in the mix was E3, one of the bigger conventions that are centered around the video game industry.

While most studios use E3 as a platform yearly to announce what video game titles will be released into the market along with hardware that’s in the works, this past year studios had to get creative online. 2020 saw several online stream events to give players some insight into what the year would hold in terms of video game titles and upcoming projects. Included in the mix was Ubisoft with their Ubisoft Forward streams. Through the use of these Streams, Ubisoft was able to give players some new video game reveals and update announcements.

One of those streams came with the announcement of Riders Republic, a new open-world style extreme sports game. It’s the same developer working on this game that brought out Steep as well, but this game throws in a mix of snowboarding, biking, skiing, and wingsuits to name just a few activities players will have access to. Furthermore, this is made to be a competitive style game as well if you watched the trailer announcement.

From the trailer released, it looks like this game will feature players attempting to race down a massive map. However, we’ll have to wait a bit before we’ll get a chance to try this game out. Originally, the title was slated for a launch this February. Now Ubisoft has released a Tweet stating that the studio is pushing the game back to ensure players are able to get the best experience possible from the game. Unfortunately, we’re not sure just when we can expect this game to launch into the marketplace outside of sometime later this year.

Source: Twitter