Space-Themed Metroidvania ‘Willy Jetman’ Coming to Mobile July 9th, iOS Pre-Order and Free Steam Demo Available Now

I am a huge platforming fan and especially enjoy the large open world and exploratory variants offered by Metroidvania style games. So whenever a new one is announced as coming to mobile, my immediate reaction is “sign me the heck up!” The latest case of this phenomenon is with a game called Willy Jetman from Spanish developer Last Chicken Games, which will be making its way to iOS next month courtesy of BadLand Publishing. In the game you play as a janitor, or a master of the custodial arts if you prefer, named Willy who is sent to the planet of Gravos to clean up an accident that has left trash and debris everywhere. You’ll need to blast away at all sorts of enemies as you collect the scattered garbage and haul it to the recycling centers. Of course, there’s much more to this space adventure than just a straightforward clean-up mission, as Willy will find out along the way.

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Willy Jetman launched on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch this past January, and our own Shaun Musgrave had some nice things to say about the Switch version in the SwitchArcade Round-Up from that day. In fact his only real criticism of the game was that there are SO MANY excellent Metroidvanias on the Switch it’s hard to recommend tossing yet one more onto the pile, but over here on mobile? Yeah, we’re not exactly drowning in these things, so I think Willy Jetman will definitely find a hungry audience on the App Store. The release date for the iOS version is July 9th and you can pre-order it on the App Store right now. Android will be arriving that same day although there’s no pre-order for it at the moment. Also if you’re set up for desktop gaming, you can check out the first few chapters of Willy Jetman with the newly launched demo over on Steam.