Stunning Mixed Reality Adventure ‘HoloVista’ Arrives on Mobile September 30th

Stunning Mixed Reality Adventure ‘HoloVista’ Arrives on Mobile September 30th

A little less than a year ago developer Aconite began teasing a new project called HoloVista that looked stunning both in a visual sense and due to its unique concept. You play as Carmen who is a offered a junior architect position at the mysterious Mesmer & Braid architecture firm, but only if she is able to go out and complete her first assignment, which is to photograph the interior of a magnificent mansion. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me! The mansion is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, with its strong use of colors and its decor that is somehow both gaudy and chic at the same time. You’re able to explore each area of the mansion in full 360º using your devices motion sensing capabilities, and you’ll need to take pictures of various objects and locations in the mansion in order to piece together a mystery.

The game takes place in what it calls a “near-future social media world” so part of the experience will be interacting with faux social media platforms and digging more into the world of Carmen and those around her. The aim of the game is to offer players the chance to explore an extravagant location and photograph it as they might if they were visiting it in real life, but also to offer up a compelling narrative filled with twists and turns. It looks freaking awesome, and while there are games that have played in mixed reality settings before like the Lifeline series or A Normal Lost Phone, I’ve never seen anything quite like what HoloVista is trying to accomplish.

At the moment HoloVista is only slated for iOS devices and it’ll be launching at the end of this month on September 30th. Fittingly, Aconite will be hosting an Alternate Reality Game or ARG ahead of HoloVista’s launch, so if you’d like to play along with that you can “apply for a job” at the Mesmer & Braid official website and see a special message from this totally not weird at all company in the trailer below. People in the ARG subreddit have been picking apart at this since the trailer went live a few weeks ago. You can also sign up for a newsletter over at the HoloVista website if that’s more your thing, and we will be very eagerly waiting to get our hands on this one when it launches at the end of the month.