Covid Is Impacting Path of Exile 2 Release

Covid Is Impacting Path of Exile 2 Release
Covid Is Impacting Path of Exile 2 Release

Path of Exile has been a huge hit and it’s a game that most would refer to as the free to play version of Diablo. It’s an isometric style action RPG that throws players into a hero that washes up on a mysterious island shore. This is the home of all sorts of criminals and scum that gets offloaded to survive on. From here it’s up to the players to explore, take on quests, and level their character up. 

Developed by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile has been around for a good little while now. Since 2013, the development team has not only released this game for PC but also on consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. From there, the studio has continued to pump out new expansions and updates allowing more content for players to go through. However, it wasn’t long ago that we got the announcement of a Path of Exile 2 being in development.

Details are a bit scarce but we know that this game will take place years after Kitava perishes. From there you can expect all-around improvements to the game both mechanically and visually. Although it’s been uncertain just when we would get our hands on the game, we now have a better idea thanks to PC Gamer’s interview with Grinding Gear Games CEO, Chris Wilson. During the conversation, Chris brought up the current situation the studio is going through.

Currently, the development team is still working on content for Path of Exile, but the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak that has hit the world is still proving to be problematic. Not only are the development team behind this game working remotely, but the fact that the country has closed its borders in New Zealand has made expanding the team difficult.

This has pushed the project behind so now Grinding Gear Games is working to get as much content developed this year with hopes of having an idea on when Path of Exile 2 would release. Although, the assessment currently is that players should probably get this game at some point in 2022.

Source: PC Gamer