Huge Update Coming to ‘Retro City Rampage DX’ on iOS and Many Other Platforms

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Hey, did you hear there’s a new Nintendo Wii game coming out? Yes, the Nintendo Wii that launched in 2006 is getting a new release in 2020. It’s actually not that crazy of a thing, as for the past several years Ubisoft’s Just Dance games have been consistently keeping the dream alive by offering versions for the Wii. But this year developer Vblank Entertainment wants to take that crown by releasing both Retro City Rampage and its sequel Shakedown: Hawaii on the Wii. Why is a website that’s focused on mobile gaming telling you about this? Well, because Vblank dove back into the world of Retro City Rampage development for the Wii release, and they decided to make some improvements while they were digging around. Many of the most major improvements are detailed over on Vblank’s website, but largely it touches on quality of life improvements including camera and UI as well as some graphical improvements including cutscenes that are now animated. These improvements will be included in these brand new Wii releases, and it just kind of made sense that Vblank would also roll them out to other versions of the game, and that includes iOS and Android!

Retro City Rampage has to hold some sort of record or something for being ported to the most platforms. I mean there is a version for MS-DOS for the love of Christmas. On the mobile side of things, the game arrived for iOS in March of 2016 and then for Android in December of the same year. With today’s announcement of yet another big update, it’ll now be known as Retro City Rampage DX+, and that “+” on the end means you know it’s the good stuff. We enjoyed Retro City Rampage on iOS in our review and chose it as our Game of the Week, and in general it made for a nice fit on mobile. It has been badly in need of an update since then though, so it’s nice to know that it’ll finally support all the various modern mobile device screen sizes and ratios in addition to getting all the other improvements mentioned before. The + update for Retro City Rampage DX is available right now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and Steam, with the iOS, Android, and Nintendo 3DS versions getting the update sometime later this month.