‘Kingdom Two Crowns’ from Raw Fury Has a Confirmed Release Date for iOS with Pre-Orders Now Live

We’ve been covering Kingdom Two Crowns from Raw Fury for a long time. Back in 2017, it was revealed for consoles, mobile, and PC and we tried out the Nintendo Switch version of the side scrolling strategy experience. Kingdom Two Crowns has been shown off on mobile as well with a nifty two player splitscreen mode. This lets you play on the same screen together or sitting opposite each other. Kingdom Two Crowns also includes a feudal Japan setting option which is something I will be checking out. Watch some gameplay from the mobile version of Kingdom Two Crowns below:

An iOS release date hasn’t been officially announced yet but @mixtobin on Twitter found the listing live on the App Store ahead of its release later this month. Kingdom Two Crowns from Raw Fury arrives as a premium release for $9.99 on iOS on April 28th. You can pre-order it on the App Store in many regions with it rolling out worldwide over the next few hours. Kingdom New Lands is a game I enjoy dipping into often on Nintendo Switch and iPad. I can’t wait to play Kingdom Two Crowns on iOS when it arrives later this month. Raw Fury confirmed that Kingdom Two Crowns will support the Xbox One and PS4 controllers as well. Have you played Kingdom New Lands on iOS?