Poll: We Want You to Rate Your Favourite PS Vita Games

Poll: We Want You to Rate Your Favourite PS Vita Games

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Can you believe that the PS Vita is almost ten years old? Next month, Sony’s impossibly pretty handheld platform will double its digits, and we’re hoping to mark the occasion with a list of the Best PS Vita Games – as decided by you! We had a lot of fun polling you on the PS3 recently, and now we’re eager to repeat the same feat with PlayStation’s misunderstood portable.

There may not be anywhere near as many games to choose from, but over its decade-or-so of support, PS Vita assembled a versatile and likeable library of great titles. While the console was originally billed as a console you could take on the go, it eventually evolved into an indie powerhouse, and with cross-buy and cross-save, it served as something of a precursor to the Nintendo Switch.

We have some powerful tools to make rating games entertaining, so you can search for specific games to score them – we’ve tried to make it as fun for you as it is useful for us. We’ll then compile all of the data and use it to publish a definitive list, all as part of our anniversary celebrations.

PS Vita may not have achieved the commercial success we all hoped it would, but it still remains an important cog in the PlayStation family, and it should be recognised as such. So many fell for the handheld’s spell, and as it closes on its tenth anniversary, let’s mark that occasion with a definitive list of the console’s very best games.

What’s your favourite PS Vita game? Tell us a bit more about your picks, and be sure to use the tool to rate all of the titles you played above.

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