Save $50 when you pre-order the Logitech G Cloud handheld

SAVE $50: As of Sept. 21, you can pre-order the newly announced Logitech G Cloud gaming handheld for $50 off the original price(opens in a new tab). Xbox Cloud Gaming will be accessible on the device at launch, allowing you to stream games as long as you’re connected to the internet.

The Cloud gaming trend continues to grow. On Sept. 21, Microsoft announced the launch of the new Logitech G Cloud handheld, also mentioning that Xbox Cloud Gaming would be available on the device as soon as it launches on Oct. 18. Cloud gaming — which is the ability to stream gameplay to a handheld device by way of the internet — is being touted as the next big evolution of the gaming industry, so if you’re usually an early adopter of new tech, now is the time to hop in.

You can already start placing pre-orders for the G Cloud ahead of release, but if you opt to pick one up on Microsoft’s online store, you can save a cool $50 off the original price(opens in a new tab). A nice little reward for getting in on the ground floor.

The Logitech G Cloud is a pretty hefty device, featuring a seven-inch 1080p touchscreen comparable to the original Nintendo Switch model. It also packs in a 12-hour battery life, as well as integration with NVIDIA GeForce NOW and the Google Play Store (in addition to Xbox Cloud Gaming services). If the handheld ends up working as promised, you should be able to conveniently stream games like Halo Infinite, Deathloop, and more at the drop of a hat as long as you’re able to connect to WiFi. Pair it with an Xbox Game Pass subscription and you’ll have a setup that’s absolutely *chef’s kiss.*

The only thing you should be aware of before picking one up for yourself, though, is that the Logitech G Cloud will not offer 5G support (at least not at launch). That means that to use any cloud streaming services, you’ll need to be connected to WiFi, or else no dice.

If that’s a deal-breaker for you, maybe you should snag something like a Backbone(opens in a new tab) instead, as it’ll connect directly to your data-enabled mobile device. But if you’re unbothered by it, the Logitech G Cloud looks like it’ll be a great way to catch up on some games from the comfort of your couch, bed, or favorite coffee shop that offers complimentary WiFi.

Logitech G Cloud gaming handheld

Credit: Logitech

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