The Big ‘Hidden Folks’ On Tour Update Is Out Now Bringing Loads of Content for Free

Developer Adriaan de Jongh announced a big update for Hidden Folks ($5.99) on all platforms that would bring loads of new content in addition to a pricing change. The game remains one of my favourites on iPad and I can’t wait to check out all the new content in the ‘On Tour’ update that just arrived on iOS. Read our glowing review of the base game here. This update removes in app purchases as well since the game now includes all content in addition to the On Tour content in the base price. Watch the trailer for it below:

[embedded content]

This update is for all platforms and the Nintendo Switch update will arrive a bit later. The 2.0 update just went live on iOS bringing in the Beach areas for free to all players, the 6 new music themed ‘On Tour’ levels, and more. Hidden Folks is now available on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. The price has gone up to $5.99 from $3.99 with this update. Check out the forum thread on Hidden Folks here. Have you played it lately or were you waiting for this update to jump back in?