Verizon Is Giving Out Promo Codes For Games Including Pokemon GO

While Pokemon Go isn’t necessarily the most suitable game for self-isolation, Niantic has been working hard to keep the game enjoyable even for players who are stuck at home. Now, Pokemon GO players with Verizon Wireless or Fios can also redeem an extra item pack for free with a Verizon promo code.

The promotion is part of a campaign by Verizon to help its customers alleviate boredom at home, and also includes codes for Roblox and Sago Mini World–a godsend for parents with kids stuck at home.

The Pokemon Go play-from-home bundle includes a free Premium Battle Pass, two Incense and 65 Poké Balls. Thanks to Niantic’s temporary changes to the game, Incense now lasts for an hour and is more effective, and player battles no longer require walking to unlock. You can also now raid from home, but this requires a separate Remote Raid Pass item.

You can also redeem a 500 Robux gift card for any Roblox players in the house, or access 35+ apps in Sago Mini World with Verizon’s other offers.

The offers are based on a promo code, meaning you may be able to snag one from a Verizon customer you know, if they don’t play the game themselves. Check out all the gaming offers on Verizon’s website here.

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