‘World of Tanks Blitz’ Celebrates 6th Anniversary with Huge Graphical Update, New Event, and More

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Leading up to the release of World of Tanks Blitz back in 2014, developer Wargaming’s mobile iteration of their popular desktop tank-battling MMO World of Tanks, it was that desktop version of the game that was always used as an example of “free to play done right.” Indeed, that remained true for World of Tanks Blitz when it launched too, and although it felt like a scaled-back experience compared to its desktop couterpart, Blitz has proven popular with fans over the years. How many years? 6! That’s a lifetime in the world of mobile. The game has also achieved more than 137 million downloads in that time, and Wargaming has kept a constant flow of updates coming in these past 6 years that have made World of Tanks Blitz feel less like a scaled back experience of the original and more like a fully-featured spinoff with its own unique personality. To celebrate the 6th anniversary of Blitz, Wargaming has released a huge update to the game with one of the main features being improved graphics in a number of areas, which are explained in detail in the following trailer.

While some of those graphical improvements seem small on their own, they really add up to a significant upgrade to the game’s overall visuals and include a number of enhancements that fans have been asking for in some cases for years now. Fancy new visuals aren’t all that’s in the new version 7.0 update, as there’s also new high-tier British light tanks that will be rolling into the battlefield as part of the update. There are also new special events including a “Blitz Turns Six” event which kicks off tomorrow and runs through June 29th, as well as the arrival of a new time-limited mode on July 9th called Skirmish where “two teams of 5 will battle it out on smaller maps which are perfect for intense and dynamic confrontations.” You can find out more about the new British tanks and the new events over on the World of Tanks Blitz YouTube channel, and version 7.0 of the game is available right now on iOS and Android.