Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s Next Xbox Update Introduces A New Bug For Halo 2

The next update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One is coming soon, and it introduces a new bug in Halo 2: Anniversary. In a blog post, developer 343 Industries warned players that the new update adds a bug where the reticule moves off-center for couch co-op split-screen multiplayer.

343 said it is currently working on a fix for the problem, with the aim of it releasing in the coming weeks.

“Our test teams identified a newly introduced issue in H2:A where the reticule is off centered when playing split screen multiplayer,” 343 said. “The team is working on a fix for this and we will be targeting a hot fix build update for this in the coming weeks ahead.”

This update releases on May 12, which is the same day that Halo 2 comes to PC through The Master Chief Collection. The May 12 Xbox update also includes performance updates for Halo 3 that aim to bring the game back to a better state.

“Our goal is to bring Halo 3’s performance on Xbox back to what it was prior to our update when Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary launched on PC. In great news, the team has been conducting internal tests and they are showing positive improvements for the experience which you will see in this update,” 343 said. “The team is not done and will continue more extensive testing and listen for community feedback on any additional areas of improvements needed for Halo 3’s performance.”

In other Halo news, Microsoft has announced an all-new MCC Pro Series tournament, while the first beta tests for Halo 3 and ODST on PC are due to begin soon. These Halo: MCC updates are happening concurrently with the development of Halo Infinite, which is a launch title for Xbox Series X this Holiday. The first gameplay footage for Halo Infinite is likely to premiere in July during an Xbox 20/20 event.

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