Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Collection Announced

Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Collection Announced

Respawn Entertainment just announced the Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Collection. This newest in-game event for Apex Legends includes a whole new collection of cosmetics, new game modes, and so much more. Here is a look at what is coming in the brand new event when it hits live servers September 20.

Gun Run

In Gun Run players will be fighting against 3 other squads. Similar to Gun Game, each time a kill is made with a weapon, players will jump weapon tiers over their teammates and gives them the next highest weapon on the track.

There will be a boost value letting gamers know how many weapons they will be able to skip upon getting their next kill. If anyone on the team is in the lead they will not be able to skip any weapons. Gamers will simply move to the next weapon on the track without skipping any.

The final weapon is an Apex Legends first. A new exclusive throwing knife. The throwing knife will be available in the firing range during the duration of the event. Gun Run will be available to play starting September 20 until October 4. The map rotation for Gun Run will be only on Skulltown and Fragment East (World’s Edge) maps.

Beast Of Prey Cosmetics

Just like the previous collections before it, the Beast Of Prey event has 24 limited-time themed cosmetics. This includes legendary skins for Horizon, Lifeline, Loba, Fuse, Pathfinder, Octane, and Rampart.

All 24 items of these items will be available through direct purchase or can be found in Beast of Prey Event Apex Packs for the duration of the event. If all 24 items are collected then players will achieve Loba’s Heirloom, the “Garra de Alanza”.

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