The “Priest” and “Ghoul” DLCs for ‘Cultist Simulator’ Are Out Now and the Base Game Is Discounted to Celebrate the DLC Launch for a Limited Time

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Playdigious brought Cultist Simulator ($3.99) from Weather Factory to iOS and Android a while ago and it is a fantastic port. If you’ve not played it yet on PC or mobile, Cultist Simulator has you trying to amass followers in a cult. It has a blend of card game and roguelike mechanics which are both genres I enjoy. Read our review of Cultist Simulator on iOS here. Playdigious previously announced and released the “Dancer” DLC for Cultist Simulator for $1.99 and then announced plans for the remaining Priest and Ghoul DLC. Both have gone live now and the game itself is discounted for a limited time. Watch the mobile release trailer for Cultist Simulator below:

Both the “Ghoul” and the “Priest” DLC for Cultist Simulator hit iOS and Android tody and are available for $1.99 each. The “Priest” DLC is a story focused add on that includes one new legacy, two new ascensions, new cult mechanics, and more. The “Ghoul” DLC is a story focused add on that includes one new legacy, two new acensions, and graveyards for you to find and rob. Check out the Steam pages for both DLC here and here. There’s also a bundle for all the DLC on iOS but the in app purchase for that is “coming soon” as of now. If you’ve not gotten Cultist Simulator on iOS and Android yet, check it out here on the App Store for iOS and here on Google Play for Android. It is currently down to $3.99 from $6.99. Have you played Cultist Simulator on iOS or Android yet?