An xCloud Game Streaming Beta Is Coming to Android Today for Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

We’ve been covering Microsoft’s xCloud service since its original reveal and then across how games with play across custom virtual controls and controllers on mobile platforms. Microsoft recently announced the launch countries and release date for xCloud (game streaming). This will be included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For iOS users who are looking forward to xCloud, things aren’t looking great in the near future thanks to Apple. Today, Microsoft will roll out an update to the Xbox Game Pass Beta app on Google Play to allow Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers early access to the service. The Verge reports that this will include about 30 games.

The full launch is still planned for September 15th but if you’re on Android and are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can sample the game streaming service from today. You need to download the Xbox Game Pass (beta) app from Google Play here. Microsoft has a partnership with Samsung for an even better Xbox Game Pass app available through Samsung’s own Galaxy store on mobile. It is going to be interesting to see how long Apple and Microsoft take to come to some compromise and get the app out for iOS. I’m not expecting anything soon given how long it took Valve to get Apple to approve the Steam Link app. Have you tried xCloud through the limited iOS preview that is now over or through the Android one?

[Source: The Verge]