Gerard Butler Dodges Space Rocks In New Trailer For Disaster Movie Greenland

Gerard Butler has had to deal with a lot over the course of his movie career, including fighting the Persian army in 300, saving the President in Olympus Has Fallen, and stopping World War III in Hunter Killer. The upcoming disaster movie Greenland sees the actor try save his family while avoiding giant rocks falling from space. The new trailer for the film has now been released.

The Greenland trailer sets up the basic plot, in which scientists get predictions about an asteroid heading towards earth horribly wrong. Instead of breaking up and falling in the sea, city-levelling chunks of space rock are soon bombarding the planet. In the midst of the chaos, ordinary family guy John Garrity (Butler) must try to get his estranged wife and young son to Greenland, which is apparently safe from destruction. Problem is, everyone else has that plan too. Check the trailer out below:

Greenland also stars Morena Baccarin (Deadpool), Scott Glenn (Silence of the Lambs), Andrew B. Bachelor (The Babysitter), and Gary Weeks (Spider-Man: Homecoming). It’s helmed by Ric Roman Waugh, who previously directed Butler in last year’s action sequel Angel Has Fallen. It’s currently set to hit theaters on August 14.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Butler, spoke about what drew him to the project. “I just loved this idea of a family,” he said. “It starts off with a feeling of an almost simple family drama: a family struggling to get back together, the husband has just moved back into the house, the son is not sure what is going on, and you feel like it’s going one way but in the background something more sinister is developing.

“And then through their drama you’re thrown into this much larger, epic, overpowering scenario that they have no control over, and it becomes this fight for survival, but with a family you’re already grounded with and care about. It becomes this road trip to save themselves, and also what they experience along the way and how is the rest of humanity dealing with this.”

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