Build A City On A Friendly Giant Beast In The Wandering Village, Now In Steam Early Access


City builders are aplenty these days, with so many themes and gimmicks. But if you’re one for something more pleasant, wholesome yet extraordinary, indie devs Stray Fawn Studio’s new city-builder, The Wandering Village.

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As the name implies, you are tasked to build a village that’s literally wandering as it’s set on top of the giant creature Onbu. You must ensure the survival of the villagers, as well as Onbu. Some actions may affect Onbu’s health, while not doing some may impact the villagers.

It’s a city-builder, with a hint of resource management, and apparently also a bit of rogue-like and survival elements. The visuals is a mix of 2D sprites and 3D models, with quite the striking visual.

The Wandering Village began development as a Kickstarter project. Three years since then, it’s now available as a Steam Early Access title. The game will also be heading to Xbox Game Preview in 2023.

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