Xbox March 2022 update adds Pin to Quick Resume feature, Share button remapping

Xbox March 2022 update adds Pin to Quick Resume feature, Share button remapping

Microsoft is answering two long-standing requests from Xbox Series X|S owners with the new March update for the Xbox system software. This month’s update lets you pin a game to keep it eternally in Quick Resume, as well as remap the Share button on the controller, and there’s a new audio setup wizard and more.

Quick Resume is one of the marquee features of the Xbox Series X|S, letting you hop back and forth between suspended games on the consoles and pick up exactly where you left off. You can get roughly 5-8 games in the Quick Resume storage, but it was initially unclear what games were suspended. That was fixed with an update to show suspended games in the menus, but you could easily play a few games and have a slow-burn like Skyrim or Cyberpunk 2077 slide out of the Quick Resume group.

Now, you can pin up to two games to Quick Resume, and they’ll only drop out of it if you manually remove them or if there’s a mandatory update. From the Quick Resume group, select a game and choose Pin to Quick Resume. If you already have two games pinned, you’ll be asked which pin you want to replace.

Xbox Pin to Quick Resume

If you’re not big into screenshots and sharing, then the Xbox controller’s Share button will be a bit pointless to you. Through the Xbox Accessories app, you can now remap it for other actions. Microsoft give examples like mute TV, open friends list, and open achievements. There’s some new actions in the system for this, the Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller. That’s probably why there’s also a new Xbox controller firmware, which will improve controller performance.

And there’s a new audio setup wizard can be found under Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Audio setup. It should make it easier to be certain that you’re getting the full effect of your audio set up by testing different speakers in your chosen configuration.

Earth-shattering updates? Not really, but these are some good quality of life improvements in some key areas of the Xbox console.

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