This Excellent RPG Is Free To Claim On PC For A Limited Time

If you’re deals-savvy, you can usually find a free game here or there, but the past week has brought an avalanche of freebies like we’ve never seen. To help lift people’s moods and give them something to do while stuck inside, publishers and storefronts have been handing out free digital games left and right, mostly on PC, and Ubisoft is pitching in with a new freebie of its own. From now until March 28 at 9 AM (your local time), you can snag Child of Light for free on Uplay. Once you claim the game, it’s yours to keep. Uplay is Ubisoft’s PC games launcher, and you can download it for free here.

Child of Light is a platforming RPG released in 2014. It follows a princess named Aurora who falls asleep in her bed and doesn’t wake up the next day, leaving her father, the Duke of a kingdom, grief-stricken and bedridden. However, Aurora wakes up someplace quite different: a fantasy land known as Lemuria, where she learns the sun, stars, and moon have been stolen away by the Queen of the Night. Child of Light features turn-based battles where Aurora can attack, drink a potion, or defend using a shield, and she’ll gain party members to help her out over the course of her journey. Her best support comes from Igniculus, a glowing wisp and her main companion, who can blind enemies and gather healing orbs for her.

While several years old at this point, Child of Light is a journey worth experiencing, especially while it’s free. It earned an 8/10 in GameSpot’s Child of Light review for its lovely, somber tone, beautiful music, sharp combat, and more.

“Child of Light is a remarkable adventure,” wrote critic Tom McShea. “Once I accepted the sadness that is so intertwined with every element, I grew so much closer to Child of Light. It’s easy to heap praise on the combat because it’s so interesting and engaging, and it’s certainly a high point in this adventure. That’s not what makes Child of Light stand out, though. Rather, it’s how confident it is in its own feelings of woe. There are so few games willing to explore that dull ache that I became mesmerized by Aurora’s journey, even when I needed to step away from her plight while I regained my composure. Child of Light is a wonderfully realized, somber adventure, and I couldn’t be happier that such a game exists.”

Normally selling for $15, Child of Light is free for the next couple of days, so be sure to grab it while the offer is available. Plus, check out our updated list of all the free games you can claim this week and see more of the best TV, movies, and games to play while you’re stuck inside.

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