Does Gran Turismo 7 have a GT Mode single player? What is the Cafe?

Does Gran Turismo 7 have a GT Mode single player? What is the Cafe?

With the release of Gran Turismo 7 just around the corner, Polyphony Digital has revealed a lot more about the game’s structure and single player game modes. Here’s what we now know about playing solo in GT7.

Gran Turismo 7’s Café is the new Single Player hub

The Café at the centre of the world map menu is a new hub for your journey through the game. It’s a place where you will be regaled with tales of how cars were created, the designers of cars that you’re currently driving popping by to say hello. You also pick up one of 30 Menu Book quest lines that task you with collecting certain cars and unlock certain rewards, like new tracks to race on.

Each track then hosts races, cups and mission challenges to take on.


Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book

There is no single player GT Mode

There is no traditional GT Mode with a straightforward series of race events and cups to take on. Instead, the Café will guide you to different events, and tracks from around the world will host events themselves.

Are there License Tests?

Yes! Gran Turismo’s long-standing tradition of featuring License Tests continues in Gran Turismo 7, teaching you how to handle certain corners and situations.

Gran Turismo 7 Drag Race

Are there any new race types?

Alongside standard races, we’ve also had it confirmed that Gran Turismo 7 will feature rallying, drift challenges, drag racing, and Music Rally.

What is Music Rally?

Music Rally is essentially a classic arcade checkpoint race, but instead of having time tick down in seconds, you have beats which are depleted in time to the music’s BPM. Your goal is to survive until the end of the track, but it’s not meant to be the most high-pressure race type, so soak in the driving experience!

Gran Turismo 7 Music Rally

Is the AI any better?

Polyphony Digital has tried to beef up the AI for Gran Turismo 7. The AI will now drive more aggressively, aiming to match more human lap times, and now has more awareness to handle more complex racing situations. This should make them feel more competitive against players, though PD don’t want it to get frustrating.

Gran Turismo 7 will release on 4th March 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The PS5 version of the game will have exclusive technical advantages, such as faster loading times, ray tracing in certain situations, 3D Audiotech and advanced haptics and adaptive triggers through the DualSense controller. However, both consoles will have all of the game’s content and dynamic new features like weather and time of day changes.



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